PRATESI GROUP put his experience at the fingerprint of companies and customers even for engineering services alone, in particular for the following branches:

CAD 3D Mechanical design

Solid Modeling and CAD/CAM integration, structural analysis, stereolitography, fast prothotypation.
3D Modeling performed with:
• Pro/Engineering • SolidWorks • Inventor • Siemens Unigraphics NX • Catia

CAE Mechanical design

Calculation model planning elaborated with:
• Ansys • Astran • MSC Adams
Our Engineers will be available even on your site for the entire duration of the work

PED Directive

• Pressure devices design (PED 97/23/CE Directive)
• CE stamp documentation editing: Technical brochure, manuals, risk evaluation, etc.

Machinery directive

• Uplifting systems design (2006/42/CE Directive)
• CE stamp documentation editing: Technical brochure, manuals, risk evaluation, etc.

Civil works design

• Architectural design
• Structural desgin of concrete steel works, wood and steel
• Detailed plans design and editing
• Urban works design and sizing
• Architectural design of buildings for tertiary or industrial use
• Architectural design for scientific and conservative restauration interventions
• Interior and furniture design
• Events stand design
• Municipality permission documentations editing
• Land register documents editing
• Techincal consulting, construction and energethic estimates

Work direction and site assistence and tests

• Civil and Systems work direction
• Measures
• Book-keeping
• Project and making general coordination
• Planning and control of execution times
• Test assistance
• Test

Site safety

• Site safety coordination in the design phase
• Site safety coordination in the making phase


• Photorealistic rendering editing
• Interior rendering
• External rendering
• Civil works rendering
• Park and Gardens rendering
• Product or Archtectural animations

Civil and industrial systems design

• Civil and industrial systems design
• Weather discharge protection systems design
• Atex systems design
• Special systems design: TVCC, Warning, LAN (Local Area Network), Regulation and control
• Photovoltaic systems design
• Eolic systems design
• Heat systems design
• Fire systems design
• Conditioning systems design
• Air treatment systems design